Washington D.C. Youth Tour

Each year, NEC sponsors students in our service territory to attend the  Washington DC Youth Tour. Students earn the opportunity by submitting a resume, writing an essay about cooperatives, and participating in an oral interview with a panel of judges.

The tour, which is coordinated by National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA), has an attendance of over 1,300 students from 46 states. More than 30 students from Arizona cooperatives attend. The students visit the headquarters of  NRECA in Arlington, Virginia, and learn about the important role that cooperatives play in rural America. In addition, the tour is packed with the sights, education, memorable experiences and enjoyment of our nation’s capital. The value of this tour is immeasurable as the experience may open doors to opportunities student may not have considered.

The funds to make this trip possible are realized through the interest earned on unclaimed memberships, deposits and capital credits.

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