How much does it cost to get new electric service to my property?

  • Many variables will determine cost including; size of service, overhead or underground service, distance from existing power, and what easements are in place. It is best to turn in new service paperwork (Membership App and New Service Design Questionnaire) in order to have the engineering department give you a rough estimate. See section 4.30 page 31 Click here.

What is required before power can be installed?

What does the process involve?

  • Turn in the membership app and questionnaire.
  • A staking technician may do a site visit and then contact you to provide rough cost estimate and answer questions.
  • Build your service to code/spec. in the location coordinated with your staking technician. A conduit inspection is required for underground service.
  • Get your service (meter loop) inspected by your appropriate authority i.e. city, county or state.
  • Once inspection is passed (green tag issued) you will be put on the schedule for connection.

Time frame?

  • Time frame should be discussed with the assigned staking technician and is contingent upon weather, outages, workload, etc.

Does Navopache tell us where to put our service (panel, pole, and pedestal)?

  • Yes, mark your desired location with a stake and Navopache will approve it or specify a location that will work.
  • Be sure the crews have clear and safe access to the property at all reasonable times. See section 3.5 page 30. Click here.