$2500 Scholarships Available for Nine Graduating Seniors

Navopache Electric Cooperative (NEC) offers nine $2,500 scholarships to graduating seniors in our service area. Applications are available through each school counseling office. Those schools are:  Alchesay High School; Blue Ridge High School; Mogollon High School; Reserve High School; Round Valley High School; St. Johns High School; Show Low High School; Cibecue High School; and Sequioa Village School.  The winning applicants are announced during the awards program or graduation ceremony at each respective school. The scholarship guidelines are as follows:

  1. Parents or guardians of the student applying must have an active account and live in the NEC service area.
  1. Scholarships will be paid in increments of twelve hundred and fifty dollars ($1,250) for each semester, a limit of two semesters, totaling two thousand five hundred dollars ($2,500). There is a time frame of four school year terms in which to use the money.
  1. Scholarships will apply to a university, college, junior college or vocational school.
  1. NEC is interested in reaching the student that has no other financial assistance.
  1. The selection is made through a scholarship committee at each school.

NEC prides itself in being involved with the community and in offering this opportunity to students bound for higher education.  Since the cost of higher education continues to rise, NEC offers Scholarships each year.  

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