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Operation Round-Up

Navopache Electric Cooperative (NEC) is one of many electric cooperatives across the country to offer a special program to benefit charitable organizations.  The program is called Operation Round Up®, and is a community service fundraising program. 

Operation Round Up® was founded upon the same principle that led to the creation of electric cooperatives over 75 years ago – people helping people.  Just as neighbors banded together to form cooperatives back in the 1930s to bring electricity to the rural areas, Operation Round Up® allows co-op members today to reach out to worthy causes and work together in helping others.

Participation is strictly voluntary, and how it all works is pretty simple.  Each month, NEC “rounds up” the electric bills of participating members to the next whole dollar.  For example, if your bill is $86.35, your bill would be rounded up to $87, with the extra 65 cents donated to Operation Round-Up. All proceeds from member donations to Operation Round UP are given to the Navopache Charitable Fund, Inc. which is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that administers and distributes the funds to local charitable organizations. Applications are accepted and reviewed by the Navopache Charitable Fund, Inc. from non-profit organizations. 
Applications should be mailed to:
Navopache Electric Cooperative
1878 W. White Mountain Blvd.
Lakeside, AZ 85929

An annual summary of your contributions to Operation Round Up will be displayed on one monthly bill, in the year following the contributions.

On average, each member typically pays approximately $6 per year in donations.  The most any one member could contribute annually by rounding up their bill would be $11.88.  However, members may donate larger amounts at any time during the year by choosing to “buck-up” or the one-time gift option.

Members can learn how the money is allocated through periodic articles in NEC’s monthly newsletter, hiLites.  Applications are available at NEC’s headquarters office in Lakeside, at any NEC area office, or can be downloaded below.

The Navopache Charitable Fund, Inc. award funds to qualified not-for-profit groups and organizations.  Political campaigns and issues are not considered for funding. To apply for funding you can download the application HERE.

We encourage all our members to join us in helping others throughout our service area.  By ‘rounding up’ everyone’s small change, we all can make a big difference in our community.  It’s ‘small change that changes lives.’

Terms & Conditions: By submitting this electronic form, you authorize NEC to enroll you in Operation Round Up. Each month, your electric bill will be rounded up to the next whole dollar, or the additional amount you specify will be added to your bill. This money will be donated to the Navopache Charitable Fund, Inc., and NEC will report your total annual contributions on one bill each

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