How to Report an Outage

Important Information on Reporting Outages:

NEC works hard to prevent power outages. When one occurs, it is our goal to restore power as quickly as possible.

To report on or check the extent of an outage in your area, call 928-368-5118 or toll free at 800-543-6324. When you call, our automated outage reporting system, if you are not calling from the phone number in our system associated with your account, will ask for one of these pieces of information to identify the location of your outage report:

  • Account number
  • Billing phone number
  • Your meter number

(Note: this information is located on your monthly billing statement.  )

Once your service location is identified, an outage ticket will be generated and sent directly to our dispatch center.  If your outage report already is part of an existing outage, any information that our dispatchers have about it will be played back to you in a routinely updated voice message.  After you have reported your location having an outage, you can also report:

  • Downed electrical wires
  • Arcing equipment
  • Downed electrical poles

It is very important to have the correct phone number(s) associated with your account.  Not only do we use the information to identify members when calling to report outages, but we also use them to call our members to inform them of planned outages in their area.  You may have more than one number associated with your account, so feel free to add your cell phone.

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