The following candidates are running for the Board of Directors for Navopache Electric Cooperative, Inc. The information posted has been provided by the candidates themselves and Navopache Electric Cooperative, Inc. has not coached, influenced, or vetted the information provided by the candidates.

For more detailed information on each candidate, please click on the Board District you are interested in.

District 1 – Lakeside
                Candidate – Dennis Hughes

District 3 – Fort Apache Indian Reservation
                Candidate – Frank Johnny Enfield, Jr.
                Candidate – Brenda Pusher-Begay
                Candidate – Herbert Tate

District 4 – Concho, Hunt, St. Johns, and Vernon
                Candidate – Phyllis Clark
                Candidate – Daryl Greer
                Candidate – Brad “Tank” Peterson

District 7 – Heber and Overgaard
                Candidate – Bill Arendell
                Candidate – Daniel Franco

This year NEC is adding an additional, new, and exciting way for members to vote for their Board of Directors – electronically!!  Members can now either vote through our SmartHub app on their smart device (phone, tablet, etc.), by voting electronically through the link below, or by the traditional paper ballot (paper ballot MUST be requested – click on link below). The dates for voting will be here before you know it! If you need any assistance with signing up, or would prefer to vote with a paper ballot, stop by any one of our area offices or call in to our Member Care at 928-368-5118 or 1-800-543-6324.  

Electronic voting through SmartHub will be open from August 24th through September 7th.

Requests for paper ballots will open on August 21st and close on September 1st @ 10:00 a.m. MST.